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We are a Barber and Beauty Salon that has been in business for over 15 years. We, the staff at New Leafe, feel that here is where "Barbering and Beauty Come Together". Our Staff is made up of 2 Barbers, 6 Hairstylist, and 1 Natural Hair Stylist(Kinky Twiste etc, and we pledge our best to make you look beautiful when you leave our salon. Have a question but forgot to ask your stylist? Cautious about changing your hair color. Join our member forums for answers to these and other questions.


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Miracle of Raw African Shea Butter

African Shea Butter Jars

African Shea Butter

Sale! 2 for $8.00 Regular $5.99 a Jar each

Everyone benefits from using pure shea butter:
Babies: Please- throw away the chemicals! Do not use chemical lotions, petroleum and mineral on your babies’ gentle ecosystem. Massage shea butter all over your babies’ body. Works wonders on cradle cap.

Women: Come on- we women are pretty vain! Nothing makes a woman look more beautiful than her skin, and nothing improves or makes skin more beautiful than pure shea butter. Shea butter works to reduce wrinkles and greatly decreases the formation of wrinkles. During pregnancy and growth spurts shea butter helps the skin to stretch, greatly decreasing the chances of stretch marks. It softens hair, rough ankles, feet and lips. After a few applications you WILL look beautiful.

Men: as macho as a man may be, men are starting to learn that maintaining their skin has many benefits. Not only will shea butter decrease signs of aging but it improves the overall appearance. Shea butter helps relieve stiff joints and muscles. Don't forget to carry some around. Shea butter is the perfect remedy for cuts and abrasions.

Elderly: helps with stiff joints and muscles, aids overall appearance of skin.

Estheticians/spas/ massage therapists: shea butter dramatically improves skin tone. Employing shea butter into skin treatments is the wise choice. It glides and absorbs into skin and is much less greasy than most oils/ butters. Offering our retail line to follow up treatment is a sure way to keep customers coming back.

Esthetician/spas/massage therapists: Shea butter dramatically improves skin tone. Employing shea butter into skin treatments is a wise choice. Everyone benefits from using pure shea butter;


Thank you for your interest. For questions or comments, please use the information listed here. We look forward to hearing from you soon. For any questions regarding sales or service, please contact us at 708-799-5444.

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